Equity Financing

  1. Renovation Loans
  2. Hire purchase Loans
  3. Professional Loans
  4. Property Loans
  5. Corporate Credit Card


We specialize in one thing, LOANS! We have programs to fit you because we help to make improvements more affordable. We treat each customer as an individual and give 100% effort to get them approved.

One new product that we offer to our valued clients is: Renovation Loans.We often provide low interest financing solutions to you that allows you to finance your job at no additional monthly expense. We keep you in the loop every step of the way. We understand that most of the banks does not support the facility of renovation loan for new offices, premises and new shop outlets. This is why we come in place to liaise with the tied-up banks we had to enable new businesses to grow.

Not only do we provide this new service, we also provide other financial services such as hire purchase, professional loans and property loans.

Hire Purchase Loan is mainly to buy fixed assets by making regular payments for the assets through a period of time. This asset belongs to the company once all the payments are made.

Professional Loans are catered for lawyers, doctors, accountants and professional engineers. Many unique financing schemes are available to provide for your professional practices.

As for property loans, we would do a comparison for clients to evaluate which is the most competitive rates from different financial institutions. Clients usually do not have the time to go to each financial institution to check on their rates. Since SME Financial Services is tied-up with most of the major banks, we are able to calculate the savings for them and also to recommend reliable bankers for the refinance of your property or for your home loan.