Equity Financing

Types of Grants

  1. Cash Grants
  2. Consultant Fees
  3. Industry Development
  4. Intellectual Property
  5. Product Development & Innovation
  6. Social Care
  7. Start-Ups
  8. Technology
  9. Training
  10. Venture Abroad
  11. Work-Life Strategies

Tax Incentives (Reduces your taxes)

  1. Foreign Companies
  2. Goods Traders & Manufacturers
  3. Product Development & Innovation
  4. Start-Ups
  5. Tourism Promotion
  6. Venture Abroad
  7. Grants Img


In Singapore, there are more than 100 programmes administered by various government agencies to help SMEs such as Spring Singapore, IE Singapore, WDA, IDA, MDA, IPOS, STB and more.

The purpose of these grants and incentives are for capability development, market and business development, product & innovation development, human development and so on. These can be general applications or specifically on the types of industry.

Capability Development

Intellectual Property Management (IPM), Local Enterprise Technical Assistance Scheme (LETAS), etc.

Market & Business Development

International Partners Programmes (iPartners), Double Tax Deduction (DTD) for Market Development, etc.

Product Development & Innovation

Technology Innovation Programme (TIP) - Experts or Projects, Innovation Voucher Scheme (IVS), etc.

Human Resource and Development

Skills Programme For Upgrading and Resilience (SPUR), International Business Fellowship (iBF), Management Development Scholarship (MDS), Work-Life Works! (WoW!)Fund, etc.