Equity Financing

Management Supporting Services (Incorporation of Company)

  1. Register of Business
  2. Filing/Discharging of Debenture Charge
  3. Registered Office & Mailing address services

Set-up New Companies

Thinking of setting up a company but is uncertain of the procedures of going about it? Well, leave it to SME Financial Services Pte Ltd.

Almost anyone or any company can register a business in Singapore. Subject to the provision of the Business Registration Act, every person shall, before carrying on business in Singapore, make an application to the Registrar in the prescribed manner for registration under this Act. [13/2002]

However, there are some instances which may not be allowed to register such entities in Singapore such as undischarged bankrupts or persons convicted of dishonesty.

There must be at least one shareholder and one director. They can be the same person. However, most companies opt to have at least 2 directors as banks and other financial institutions usually require 2 signatories.

The SSIC or Singapore Standard Industry Classification code is ACRA’s way of categorising businesses. Searching for the right Singapore Standard Industry Classification (SSIC) code for your company is equally important in setting up a business as different industry are judged differently when it comes to the application of bank facilities.