Equity Financing

Government Financing Assistance Schemes

  1. Spring Singapore - Micro Loan Program (MLP)
  2. Spring Singapore - Bridging Loan Program (BLP)
  3. Spring Singapore - Local Enterprises Finance Scheme (LEFS)
  4. Spring / IE Singapore - Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS / LIS +)
  5. IE Singapore & Internationalization Finance Scheme (IFS)
Government Financing Assistance Schemes

Changes in Government Assistance Schemes

Pre-Requisites for these schemes
  • Locally-owned or foreign owned SMEs#

    # A foreign SME is defined as a company with less than 30% local shareholding, which also:
  • is incorporated in Singapore;
  • is tax resident of Singapore; and
  • has at least one individual shareholder directly holding at least 10% of total number of issue ordinary shares