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Importance of Your Credit Report

Sample Sample of Credit Report

Generally, most people take up a loan for their property, education and vehicle purchase. Even for the daily expenses, we would use credit cards or a line of credit to make short-term purchases. Thus, this may leads to over borrowing without even realizing it.

The credit report is a compilation of your credit repayment history from different credit providers. The better the records of your credit repayment history, the easier it is for you to gain credits and meet the criteria of the loan. Usually before lenders decide if you qualify for loans, they will scrutinise your credit information and details to measure your credit worthiness. The relative importance of each type of information differs in credit-worthiness assessment.

Different credit providers may use this record differently, or take into consideration of other issues when they gauge your application. It all depends on the decision makers in the credit department to judge based on how thorough and how well the credit proposal is written up. Subsequently, many deserving cases may be rejected while the less deserving ones approved. Though it seems unjustifiable, unfortunately, this happens. Although one bank may deny you credit, another bank may take a different view and accept your application.

Our role is to review your financial status and advise you on how to improve your creditworthiness and establish your credit reputation.


Samples of Personal & Corporate Credit Profiles

Personal Credit Profiles
CBS Credit Bureau Report
Questnet Credit Bureau Report
Questnet Enhanced Individual Search
Questnet Enhanced Asset Search
Questnet Litigation Search
Corporate Credit Profiles
Questnet Credit Bureau Report
Questnet Business Profile Report
Questnet Enhanced Instant Search
Questnet Financial Profile Analysis Report
Questnet Litigation Search