About Us

SME Financial Services Pte Ltd (SMEFS) provides many ‘SMART & RESOUNDING’ financial services programs to cater your various forms of short-term and long-term financing needs. Engage with a good financial Advisor is paramount important for organizations to build up a strong financial resilience and strengths before the market is bottoming-up.

About Us ImgAt SME Financial Services, we can help you to fulfil your financing needs. We are a full service provider offering comprehensive ranges of financial solutions and services on credit-ratings, management & accounts advisory, government financing assistance schemes, industry grants, debt collection and legal recovery. Our years of experience will enable us to structure your deals to fulfil your overall financing needs.


We have nearly 20 years of experiences working with over hundred of businesses across different sector of industries. Our objective is to develop a strong and healthy financial structure to meet for your long-term growing business needs.

We Work for You

As a financial Advisor to your company, we pledge to work whole-heartedly to build a stronger competitive edge for your businesses, so as to let you reap better economic benefits and gain higher market returns. We played an important role in the development of a comprehensive financial solution to meet the requirements of our valued clients and ensuring the client’s interest is in the top priority.

We cherish each client and every project whether it’s big or small is equally significant to us. We form close partnerships with clients not only to help them achieve their financial objective smoothly but most importantly to build up a cordial relationship with them to establish lifetime financial success. Cultivating long-term relations with clients and contributing to their growth is essential to our business values.

We have good banking connections which can greatly facilitate your banking options. SMEFS works with reputable banks to recommend the appropriate financing alternatives. We shall exercise our best efforts to act in good faith and in the best interests of the client. Any data of the client shall be kept private and confidential unless authorisation is received from the client. All documents are to be treated with care even during disposal.

Honesty and transparency is our guiding principle. We charge reasonable annual renewal fees and base our fees on the complexity and amount of time spent on each case, providing an explanation of fees and potential conflicts of interest.

Why Choose Us

Our focus is on helping our customers to achieve the right financing schemes to meet the immediate financing needs and establish the long-term financial strengths and stability of your business We provide reliable, integrated financial and management solutions in leveraging the financing solutions and our expertise Evaluating objectively and recommending the right financing solutions and services for your business Invaluable identifying and keeping you apprised of market opportunities Independent advices and safeguard your overall interests Render our personal services to your door-steps
  • Our Mission Sample Image We have helped hundred of our clients to meet their financial goals and to provide with the constructive financial advices to build a right mixes of capital and debt structures, and a healthy cash-flow company.
  • Our Standards Sample Image We upheld uncompromised integrity and high professional standards to protect both the interests of the banks and our clients.